GPRS water level data logger / i-Log-GW


The i-Log-GW is designed for the reliable monitoring and storage of water level and temperature for the water management. The ground water level data logger permit therefor a worldwide online data access via internet. No use of special equipment or software is herfore required.

Connectable are sensors with SDI12 bus. The logger is especially designed for water level sensors with pressure compensation capillary.

  • connection possibilities: SDI12 sensors with maximal 6 channels, optional connection possibility with analog sensors.
  • data logger memory: 100.000 - 500.000 measure values - data integrity is save cut, even in case of power cut
  • operating range: datalogger from -40°C to + 60°C / GPRS modem down to -30°C (in case of deeper temperatures, the measure values will be accumulate in local data memory - the GPRS data transmission starts automatically  by higher temperatures).
  • battery types: optionally lithium or usual in trade alkaline batteries. The live time of the battery is about 3 years by alkaline batteries or up to 6 years by lithium batteries (calculated for daily GPRS data transfer and four measurements per hour).