GPRS climate station / i-Log-WXT


A complete weather station with worldwide access on the measure values, advanced energy management for long battery life time and easy station setup (only one cable from the WXT520 the GPRS Data Logger)

  • Combines the six most essential weather parameters in one instrument:
    - wind speed and direction
    - liquid precipitation
    - barometric pressure
    - temperature 
    - relative humidity
  • Compact and light weight
  • No moving parts / low maintenance
  • Low power consumption
  • Fast and simple to install




Vaisala WXT520


Wind speed


measurement range

0...60 m/s
±0,3 m/s oder ±3% or (0...35 m/s)  / ±5% (36...60 m/s)

Wind direction


measurement range


liquid precipitation


rain duration
rain intensity

cumulative accumulation after latest automatic or manual reset
5 %*
counting each ten second increment when droplet detected
one minute running average in ten second steps

barometric pressure


measurement range

600...1.100 hPa
±0,5 hPa bei 0...30 °C / ±1 hPa bei -52...+60 °C

air temperature


measurement range
at +20°C (+68°F)

-52...+60 °C
±0,3 °C (±0.5°F)

relative humidity


measurement range

0...100 %rF
±3 % rF within 0...90 %rF / ±5 % rF within 90...100 %rF


* Due to the nature of the phenomenon, deviations couses by spatial variations may in precipitation readings, especially in short time scale. The accuracy specification does not include possible wind induced error.